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When is polly the frog 3 coming out no rush tho , i'm a game dev too and i know you need to take a break sometimes but looks good so far.

-The level 4 is not about an island

-ok but, why would a frog escape through a helicopter? Lmao

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would it be possible for you to make a scratch platform’er tutorial (I know you don’t do scratch anymore but it would mean a lot)

wen is the third one coming out????

Hi, I am create a co-op bundle to celebrate World Environment Day, I want invited you to join, all content related with nature and environment can be join, if you are interested you have join in the follow link:

I'm excited and I appreciate your interest and your participation, thank you very much and good luck!

Would I need to submit a new game or can I just submit this one? I'm not entirely sure how bundles work since I'm somewhat new here. :P

You can submit any project that you have it doesn't matter, if it's new or old, you can also submit multiple projects.

It's Really Fun I'm Gonna Download This

This Makes Me Want To Make A Fun Game

I Played The first Game (And Im A Scratcher Named Rhett6gamer)

Really fun, can't wait for the third game

Level 4 be like frogger but it's to scale.

It's a fun little game! I only have one suggestion: add a little shadow under the frog, enemies and coins, so that it's easier to know where things are in the 3D environment.


Thanks! :D And there is a shadow in the downloaded version, just not the browser version. I removed it from the browser version to reduce lag. :P


hello hello

Such a fun little game. :) 

Actually inspiring me to stop procrastinating and start working on my own game.

Thank you! :)

After playing the first game and raging on it, I decided to play the Second one and I just have no comment on it. I made a little video on Polly 2, if anyone is interested. 

Reminds me of the super mario bros days (that is a mouthful) But The person below me is right. (Do0 Do DO Do do Dora!)

Great game and the only bad thing i have to say is that the first song nearly made me think I was about to play dora the platformer

lol thanks

this game is awesome! the soundtrack reminds me of banjo kazooie :)

Thank you :))

Could You Release A Demo For Polly 3?

very good i beat all of the levels

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Why is the recent chat cursing so much lol

And im surprised Brad-Games dosen't really care about it either.

Not a fan of it, but it happens. :P

This game is mindblowing. It improves on the first in SO many ways, but for your next Polly the frog game, it needs to improve and build on what the others did before it. That means a new gameplay style, more abilities and skins. Sadly, there are some cons. For example, it is VERY hard to time your jumps.  Anyway I'm waiting for the third game. ⭐

Thanks! :) This game definitely has flaws, and I think I've addressed (most of) them in the third game. Controls have been improved tons, more abilities have been added, level design is way better, and there is planned to be a good amount more content than the previous games. I don't really plan to add skins, unfortunately. But maybe in a future game.


This game has NES level bullshit like the shitty check points or cheap out of nowhere enemy placements n64 quality camera and it feels like paper Mario 64 not that one but imagine a Mario 64 where your a shitty peace of paper and can't tell if your gonna make a jump. I like the title screen gives me yoshi island vibes but the game is ass and hard I like hard games but hard games that are fair this one isn't what I'm talking about is cheap shots the thing that comes to mind is those SHITTY SPIDERS AT LEVEL 3 THOSE BITHES they come out of know where at a part where the camera is low and you can't see anything above 4 inches of the fucking screen and those FUCKING spiders come out of nowhere LIKE THIER THE ELEMENT OF SUPRISE kill you when you couldn't react that fast to get away. but the only reason I give a shit about writing this is because I care critisam can help devoulp some ones next project by getting rid of the flaws that they may have and improve their next project along the way Brad games may not even look at this or read this and instead scroll through this while eating raw insint reman and put those same flaws into the next game but I'm being critical about this out of love so brad can make his next game something that will be good games are hard to make so maybe you can't fix those flaws but as if I will still be there if you make a kickstarter for your next indie game if you ever make one .

Hi there! I appreciate the feedback! This is one of the earlier games I made with the Unity game engine (I'm still quite new to it) so it's quite primitive. I've been working on a 3rd game recently and a lot of the issues you mentioned have already been fixed. There are checkpoints, a bit better positioned camera, better enemies, overall more skill-based levels, and lots of other improvements. Thanks again for the feedback, and I hope the next game treats you better! :P

The way you responded so calmly to him swearing all over the place shows the great person you are :)

good job! but i think you should improve by making enemies and Polly 3D! and also wanna be in my new scratch game?

I've been messing around with the idea of creating a fully 3D Polly game similar to Mario 64. I recently figured out how to animate 3D models properly, so maybe after the release of Polly 3 you can expect to see that soon.

hey! It's been a while. How's life?

will their ever be a polly the frog 3?



Man,this is shit


Could you be a bit more specific as to what could be improved? Thanks!




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Sad to see this generation fall to such immaturity. :/

Your the kind of person who takes money from a homeless man gives nothing in return

pretty cool

This is a Nice Game. it's like Mario 3d land and world but with yoshi's island gameplay in but in 3d

could I be the manager of the super Mario for scratch series?


no u cant dork u cannot log in to @bradgames

i mean da studio

frick off mario 


I really can't wait for Polly the Frog 3 cause it might be the first detailed game he has ever made. There may be some secrets, or he may make the game fully 3D. Anyway, this is cool!

hello i love this game and enjoy ur games on scratch as well. I am using gamemaker to make a old fashioned turn based rpg. i also have a scratch account also for the next game, can the frog attack forward and backwards? thanks if you took the time to read this.

when i go on the edge of the platform the spikes just force me down

ooh thats to bad you cant make a unity mario game.

Hey badjohn533, I heard you were making a game that "probably will be so big it won't be realeased on"

Where is it?

And add checkpoints cause when u die u spawn back at the start.

Oh yeah, I already added checkpoints in the third game I'm working on. 😁

Just out of interest, when's the third game planned to be released? 

I'm not entirely sure when the exact release date will be, however progress on the game recently has been quite good! So hopefully it'll be released sometime in January. :P

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi there. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the game. Could you please specify which parts you didn't like? Also, Sand Dollars are real shell-like objects found in the ocean. You should look it up. Also, I've just started using this game engine (Unity), so I'm not great at it yet. :P

K dude and for feedback, maybe u can add more levels and if u can skins pls.

Yeah, this game is definitely more on the short side. I'd like to add more playable characters + levels in the next entry :P Thanks for the feedback :)

Oh, and the reason I don't make actual Mario games here is because it's technically illegal outside of sites like Scratch. Scratch is purely educational so using copyright material is allowed there (unless a DMCA is filed).

ah k.


Ya know what, Brad-Games? you should make a Mario Game on Itchi I O.

it's illegal


Hi there


i got top loved, top remixed, and #1 trending on  scratch


When is polly 3 here?

I'm hoping to release it sometime before the end of this year.

You just said that all ready (not mad, just tellin) and yes that's nice. I'm looking forward to seeing this one.

You've asked several times and the answer will always be the same. :P

:( Sorry.

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Oh it's okay no harm done. I appreciate the excitement :)

That shell thing was so cool.

Its a sand dollar, you know that?

Hello Brad Games. I also left making Scratch projects to move on to Unity. Im gonna make a game thats going to be so big it probobly not be able to be relased on itch io.

You would rather use unity web GL. That can make games on browser for itch io.

Huh. Maby so.



What are you still working on?

Still working on Polly 3, however I've taken a short break from it as I'm moving houses right now.

Are you a teen?

And are you living in a family?

I don't want to reveal my exact age, but yes I am living with my family currently. Also, I'm not quite sure when Polly 3 will be released, but I'm hoping sometime before the end of this year.

THis game would be amazing! I'm looking forward to playing it! I saw your develop log of it on scratch.

When is polly the frog 3 going to be released?

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