Bitlandia is a retro-style 16-bit platformer with lots of inspiration taken from games from the 80s-90s. Run through 9 different unique levels with different obstacles and enemies. Help Brad use his trusty blaster to shoot and defeat all the enemies in his path and get to Blood's castle to defeat him and take back Bitlandia! There are lots of collectables hidden in this world. Can you collect them all? If you do, there may be a secret at the end...

PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android, HTML5
Release date Apr 29, 2021
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure, Shooter
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 8-Bit, bitlandia, mario, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Smartphone


Bitlandia_Windows.zip 30 MB
Bitlandia_Android.apk 28 MB
Bitlandia.zip 44 MB

Development log


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nope not this joke

not bad but I can't beat the game =)

ok that was funny

Nice game, cant wait for Polly 3

me too!

I beat it! Amazing game. Even though the boss was WAY too hard. (I also got all the diamonds and got level 9) I also saw some files in the data folder called Level 10-12...

where is the diamond in level 4?????

never mind found it


wait a minute there is no gun on the banner for this game that has to be a early stage of game development

good game. i like.

I got all of the diamonds in all 8 levels, and also in the bonus 9th level. Unless I'm missing anything, I'm pretty sure I 100%ed all of it. Very fun game! Although there is a bit of a difficulty spike in the second half of the first castle.

where is the diamond in level 4??


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dang this is good

I loved this game, I can't believe you've come so far. This literally feels like a Mario game but with a bit fewer mechanics and new mechanics. Keep up the excellent work!

I want to try out this game, but RAR files are a pain to deal with, and every tool I try says the file is broken.

Please consider using ZIP for Linux, too.


Hi! Sorry for the late response! The original Linux build of the game was apparently broken. I did not realize this at the time as I did not have a Linux system. Now I have a Linux system and can do the necessary testing for Linux builds. I have just updated the game with a functional Linux build in a .zip archive file. Sorry for the inconvenience!

No worries, and thank you!

This guy used to be on scratch.mit.edu

I beat it yay!! PLease bring back SMFS PLEASE!!!


that will never happen but look forward to a super mario game on itch.io but that will only happen if he knows how to animate models in unity although he could probaly make a paper maroi tech demo with battles and stuff but only the battles you still need some kindof a modle animating expeirne to make a paper mario game I think.

Okay Thanks!

sup brad

are you going to make a sequal?

if you are then can i help?

cool game

Play this scratch game scratch cat game

How do you Make a pixel song?

I use a website called beepbox

I'm using it but what kind of instrument is a pixel one called on this website jeff?

Never mind, I got it.

i'm a music artist, i could make music for your future games

im on scratch to!

Hi i play your scratch games.

I just collected all diamonds now I am at the special one.

Congratulations! Thanks for playing! :)

what i dont get is that i have found no info on anyone speedrunning this game

hey brad!

Hey There Brad! It's Me AmongUs2319!! The One Who Came Up With Super Mario For Itch.io, I Wanna Ask How Do You Make Browser Games?

You use HTML or HTML5 or JAR. He uses Unity

Oh Okay Thanks

I use HTMLifier

Really Cool Game

Can you teach me some unity?

Unity Web GL?


Hi! It seems you were getting a lot of input lag since you were playing the browser version. I recommend downloading the game for the best experience. Thanks for the video btw! Love the dance at the beginning xD

Thank you sm!!❤

Bitlandia trailer

the mobile controls are sooo hard but maybe just because i use chromebook :/

You said mobile controls and chromebook?? How does that work? Chromebooks can't run .APK files but run on Android, but I don't get it

Chromebooks actually can run .apk files. You have to enable developer mode to install them, though.

Brad-Games Look at Polly The Frog vs. Super Mario Gameplay!


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ur a childhood hero to all, could you make mine better by releasing a mac version?

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btw, Good job

Hi Brad, I was one of your followers

from Scratch

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mario died:( 


Honestly, I think you made the right decision leaving Scratch. It's waaaayyy to simple and restricting as an engine, but probably the best choice for people new to game development.


Also, you can make actual 3D games with Unity!

Also, also, Unity is sooo much more powerful than Scratch will ever be.


Yep! Scratch was a good starting point, but it was definitely time to move on. Unity is one of the best/most popular game engines, so I'm happy with my decision to move to it.

Also, also, also (also I'm sorry for saying also so many times) the community  on Scratch is kind toxic. Not really toxic, but Nothing people make is original. On trending, almost every game is a fecking  generic platformer.

The community has gotten a lot more toxic since the beginning of 2020. Kinda sad, tbh. :/

k i was just saying.

I do Original on Scratch but I removed all of Mined that the end and put it here

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thats just rong.

How? What did I even do?

his projects on scratch are onestly 5% better is on unity.dont report this IM NOT INSULTING @Brad-Games

Okay, you're entitled to your own opinion. You also have to remember that it's his decision to move to Unity, not yours .

k im just saying.


I'm going through what you might call a "learning curve". Learning new software to develop games is going to make the overall quality of my games take a hit, as I'm not as experienced with Unity as I am with Scratch yet. But, over time, my Unity projects should get waaay better than anything I could ever create on Scratch, since Unity is so much more powerful and efficient than Scratch will ever be. I won't ever make any more Scratch projects, so if all you're gonna do here is criticize me for my decision, I suggest you go back to Scratch. :P

Deleted 260 days ago

glad to see you're staying coding!


Thats your opinion

CAN YOU SHUT UP?! I thought this ENDED 21 days ago....

okay burger boy. whatever you say.

included u r a nerd

Okay, from now on, I'm not responding to you :)


YES! I finally finished the game! Along with the secret 9th level!

Congratulations, and thanks for playing! :)

thanks to you too, brad games. For making such an amazing game

i'm a mac user. can you have mac builds on your pages?

Hi there. Unfortunately, I don't own a Mac, and am unable to test Mac builds for my games. I've tried uploading them in the past, and Mac users stated that they didn't function. In order to make proper builds for my games, I need to be able to test them. :/

ok :D

make plz super mario 3d

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