Polly The Frog is a bright 3D platformer with 5 levels and a Paper Mario-inspired art style. Explore various different locations that might be found in a backyard as you try to get through the treacherous obstacles and creatures that will block your path.

Download is recommended for best experience. (If it doesn't load in your browser, then you must download it in order to play it.)

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Platformer
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Frogs, nature
Average sessionA few minutes


Polly The Frog.zip 28 MB
Polly The Frog.apk 34 MB

Install instructions


Download the .zip file, right click the .zip and click "Extract All", then once the extraction is complete, go into the folder it created and run the "Polly The Frog.exe" file to play it!


Download the .apk file. If it saves as a .bin file, go to your Android settings and enable installs from unknown developers in the browser/app you're using to download this. If that doesn't work, you may need to get a .bin > .apk file converter in order to install the game. Once the .apk is successfully downloaded on your device, go to your files and tap on it, click "Install" and if it prompts you again asking if you want to install it, click "Install anyway".


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nice game, also moved from scratch to unity :)

unity is noice scratch is noice also

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-the jump button so tiny in the mobile version

-i liked the music so much 

-What is the point of collecting leaves? (The coins) 

-The idea of the art style is not bad

-no game over Scene?

-no story?

-the bird in the final level is a ghost because it pass through the wall XD

the game is great and I'm gonna play the next part,i hope it's better

Hi there. Haven't seen you in a while. Are you on this website?

how do I look around? i can move but I can't look around.


IT'S NOT LOADING ON WEB AND I USE LINUX SO I CAN'T PLAY!!!!!!! (btw Brad Games check me out on Scratch my username there and here are the same)


Sorry about that! I'd recommend using Chrome or Chromium to load this game as Firefox has issues sometimes. I'm planning on porting this game to Linux in the near future. In the mean time, the 2nd game is already available on Linux. :P


Linux Port when?


were these graphics made in ms paint i Rember you on scratch to

Good game. It is also the first Itch.io game i played that's not mine. Also I follow you on Scratch.

for anyone who can't jump while moving up and left, that's not a bug with the game, it's a bug with chrome/edge

You can actually avoid this by using the WASD keys instead of the arrow keys.

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rock, paper, scissors, one chooses rock, the other chooses fly, rock beats fly, one says, the other says no it it doesn't and cries until the first one gives in.

That's what level 4 is.

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A good game, the Graphics are decent and the gameplay too.

I made a video of this game


THE CAVE ONE IS TOO HARD my little ragequitter head cant complete this like a stapid kid. i cant get the boulder over the line.

(1 edit)

Was this released the same year as the sequel? Because it does not really feel like a good gap if released in the same year.

EDIT: Same month is WORSE!!!

he went from scratch to itch.io i mean dude you need to meet Nintendo or something..

I remember your scratch games this is so cool you should do a unity tutorial or somthing

can you update the game to turn your screen and add the cutscenes also the controls are right key down key left key up key or wasd and space

we will never forget the original brad games, on scratch. oh also im s12710844

i jumped out of the map in level 1


i'm following u on scratch.mit.edu


Nice! Thanks for playing! :)

How do you make music.

It's from Beepbox.

Beepbox (dot co)

slippery lilly pads!

you can moon walk lol the moon walk returns

how do You Eat Enemies?

you can't eat enemies in this game. You can eat them in polly the frog 2.

Ok Thx

you are welcome

This game is brilliant! It kinda reminds me of Super Mario 3d land and world in a way.

There is a glitch: When I move forward and left, I cannot jump. Will you please fix this?

Try moving with the WASD keys instead of the arrow keys.

It occurs when I use the arrow keys also.

I mean WASD

Huh. That's very odd. The glitch doesn't happen to me, so I'm not sure why that's happening. Sorry. :/

the only game on itch io that is on scratch other then bitlandia i guees

this game was so epic that it appeared on unblocked games. you are not a true game dev until your game appeares on unblocked games. =:)

also your games are really good.

I REMEMBER YOU FROM SCRATCH!!! its so nice to know that you haven't entirely quit game making.

(1 edit)

ik right, it's great some of us can still play his games on here


i completed this game it was very good (and even tiring!!!)

Thank you! :)

this game is fun I played the demo on scratch as well

(1 edit)

I think You should ask nintendo if they can add your super mario for scratch games on the switch Eshop, Brad! I think it will be cool!

Plus, the games have a good moveset for switch, and smfs 3 can use the switch touch screen for anyone who's lost their joy cons

that is a good idea


Your demo just went on trending O:

demo was in 2D

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